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Festive Gift Box

Spread the Festive Cheer!


A Traditional Festive Gift Box for a Happy Christmas!


This Festive Gift Hamper comes with all the Festive fare required to make all the family satisfied on the big day this year. A fantastic selection of traditional, indulgent food that is sure to please!

For the full listing see below.

Hamper Contents:

Random Harvest Carry Box ( Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar 150ml, Traditional Dukkah 180g and Garlic & Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil 150ml)

Laurieri Oregano Bruschette 170g

Laurieri Cranberry Cookies 100g

Nestar Dark Chocolate Pistachios 130g

Nestar Celebrate Dark Chocolate Cranberries 80g

My Snax Soy Crisps & Pretzels 20g

Grassmere Smoked Almonds 80g

Presented in a Custom Gift Box with Christmas Themed Belli Band, Satin Ribbon and a Swingtag/Gift card.

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